Administration and Immigration

Administration and bureaucracy are the names of the game in order to live and work in Barcelona. But don’t panic, we will manage everything for you.

The following documents are necessary for you to live and work in Barcelona. for each document, we will:

  • Ensure you have the correct documents in order to apply
  • Make an appointment for you to make your application
  • Accompany you to the appointment and support with translation

NIE (Numero de Identificación Extranjero) . This is essentially your ID number and is mandatory in order to work.

Social Security number, necessary in order to work in Spain, and access public healthcare and education.

Healthcard (TSI – targeta sanitaria individual), necessary in order to access public healthcare and for children to also access public education.


Visas (work, corporate, student, family, property or others)

We can also set up power of attourney in order to complete all your immigration requisits before you arrive, saving you valuable time and enabling you to start working on day one.


Golden Visa

In 2013 Spain approved new legislation for the Property Visa (also called “Golden Visa”). The property visa grants automatic residency in Spain when you purchase property for 500,000€ or more. This can be any type of property: home, commercial, land, or a combination of properties.