Concierge services

Our concierge services are designed for those who value their time. Whatever you need, you can count on us to be your personal assistant.

All your settling in tasks covered:

  • Changing names on utilities;
  • Contracting internet and telephone;
  • Contracting insurances;
  • Attending “reuniones de comunidades” or meetings for owners of flats in a building
  • Using our telephone and mailing address for initial correspondence with service providers to avoid any linguistic miscommunications;
  • Furniture rental and storage

We can assist you in a virtually endless range of services, including:

  • Day to day errands
  • Event planning
  • Transportation
  • Home management
  • Experiences

We can also assist in resolving potentially troublesome situations, such as theft of your personal belongings, problems with neighbours etc, by directing you to the correct authorities.