Buying a house in Barcelona

Whether you are buying a house in Barcelona to live in, as a second residence, or as an investment, you can count on the Smart Relocations team to find you the perfect property.

Our buying agent is a qualified real estate agent. He specialises in Barcelona and the beautiful coastal regions to the north of the city. He boasts an excellent track record of successfully matching our clients with the right property.

OUR Buying a house service

  • As with all our services, we’ll start with a conversation to understand what you are looking for. Sometimes our clients don’t know exactly what they are looking for, so we will give help and advice as appropriate.
  • Send you suggestions of properties, in order to produce a shortlist of houses to visit. We liaise with estate agents to organise a visit programme for you.
  • Accompany you on the visits, ensuring nothing is lost in translation.

The property market in Barcelona is highly atomised, with over one hundred small estate agents in operation. Even the largest agents have only 10% of the available properties on their books. We are a wholly independent company, neither affiliated to any estate agency, nor do we have any properties of our own.

This is important because we work with all estate agents in the area, therefore giving you access to all properties on the market. This means better chances of buying .

The process of buying a house in Barcelona

  • When you decide upon the perfect property, we will support you through the buying process: putting in an offer, negociating the price and closing the deal.
  • Advise on morgages and banks.
  • Recommend specialist property lawyers who can: prepare a due diligence excercise of the investment; help in the negociations with banks and the vendor; and provide all the necessary legal advice to close the deal successfully.

Our goal is to help you buy the perfect property. Contact us today to find out more!

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