Golden Visa Spain

In 2013 Spain approved new legislation for the Property Visa (also called “Golden Visa”). The property visa grants automatic residency in Spain when you purchase property for 500,000€ or more. This can be any type of property: home, commercial, land, or a combination of properties.

Our Golden Visa SPAIN services

We are a “one stop shop” for your Spain golden visa. We will organise everything you need to successfully obtain the Golden Visa in Spain:

  • Our specialist immigration lawyer will take care of all the legal aspects necessary to obtain your Golden Visa Spain;
  • We will help you find your ideal property. We have excellent contacts with all the best real estate agencies in the area, giving you access to all the properties on the market in Barcelona;
  • Once you find your property, we will take care of all the legal steps during and after the purchasing process;
  • Our support doesn’t end upon you obtaining the Visa. Our settling in services ensure that every eventuality is covered and you can hit the ground running.

The Golden Visa SPAIN in 10 key points:

  1. You must use at least 500,000€ of your own funds, which must come from transparent sources that comply with existing legislation on money laundering. There is no limit to how much you can invest in property, and once over 500,000€ you can apply for the difference with a mortgage in Spain;
  2. On top of the value of the investment, you will need to pay upfront tax, stamp duty, VAT, notary and lawyers – which adds up to roughly 12% of the purchase price;
  3.  You can invest through a foreign company, but only if you own the majority;
  4. Spanish residence visas may be issued to the immediate family, including spouse and children up to 18 years. It can also include children over 18 years old who, due to health issues, are not objectively capable of looking after themselves;
  5. There is no requirement for a minimum stay in Spain to renew your visa, which means you do not have to stay in Spain and it is not necessary to be a tax resident;
  6. Foreign investors will be granted, according to this Law, a residence visa for one year or a residence permit for two years. This residence permit is renewable and may lead to a Permanent Residence and Citizenship in the future.
  7. Permanent Residency can be granted after five years;
  8. Your  investment property can be sold after five years, at which point you will have reached permanent residency;
  9. The Spanish property visa gives you access to unlimited travel throughout the EU Schengen area;
  10. Spanish citizenship can be applied for after an additional five years of permanent residency (5 + 5 years), which in turn automatically gives you European citizenship and the family can live, work or study anywhere within the EU.

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