Area guides

Choosing where to live is often a pretty challenging decision when moving to a new country, especially when you are not physically there and don’t know the area at all. Many of our clients admit to having spent hours on google, investigating each area online.

Because we like life to be as straight forward as possible, we have put together some area guides for you. They include the basic essentials, such as schools and healthcare, plus we try to give you a flavour of what it is like to live there.

At Smart Relocations our expertise lies in the city of Barcelona, and its northern coastline, Maresme which includes the picturesque villages of Sant Pol de Mar and Alella.

To find out more about each area, click on the links below. For more information and guidance on choosing an area in which to live, get in contact 

Barcelona city centre

Barcelona is quite literally the city that has everything. From beaches, to hills, to fantastic food, to fabulous architecture, there really is something for everyone. The city centre itself is fairly compact, and each neighbourhood is extremely well connected via public transport whether that be metro, bus, tram or commuter trains. There are also many … Continue reading Barcelona city centre