About Us

When you contract any of our services, what you are really buying is time. No, even better, you are buying stress free time. Golden moments of time to enjoy doing what you enjoy doing. We’re not sure money could be better spent.

Would you prefer to queue in a government building, fill in forms, and call companies in a language not your own, or to enjoy a cold drink on a terrace in the sunshine while we do the work for you? I know which I would choose.

It’s that simple. Our profession isn´t rocket science, but our knowledge, contacts and experience offer something that’s almost impossible to put a value on – a stress free move.

Why choose us?

  • Efficiency– we save you time, energy and money with our knowledge and experience
  • Contacts – we know the people who can support every part of your move
  • Friendliness– we want to get to know you so that we can tailor our services to suit your every need
  • Knowledge– Barcelona is our home and we want to share our expert knowledge with you
  • Professionalism– we are your single point of contact before, during and after your move, enabling a seamless relocation
  • Transparency – we are open about our pricing structure. No suprises in your bill.

Our company philosophy is to always offer excellent customer service, and this underpins everything that we do and say.