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Back to school

Back to school! Vuelta al cole! Tornada a l’escola!

It’s nearly the 12th September, that golden date in the diary when our wonderful children will once again be out of our hair and back to school.

Now that summer is coming to an end, it’s time to dig out the school supplies list and get shopping. That is, unless you are amazingly organised, and have everything ready already (unfortunately not in my case!) To help with this task, we have put together some useful information on where best to shop.

Best shops for back to school supplies

La Mercería

Your back to school best friend! They are absolutely prepared for going back to school – just take your list of required items and they will organise everything for you:

  • Name labels
  • Bibs with plastic behind them
  • Non slip socks
  • Batas (overalls) – Some schools, particularly private and concertada schools, will sell their own batas but usually for public schools you are asked to source your own.
  • Fitted sheets
  • Breakfast boxes and bags for berenar/merienda
  • Placemats

They will also sew names into batas and bags.

Mercerías are usually found wherever there is a market. You can see information on locations of markets in Barcelona  here . There are mercerías in every “barrio” of Barcelona and smaller towns. Merceria Santa Ana is a good example of a typical mercería.

They are local shops that sell everything you could possibly need for sewing, including cloth material and threads, underwear and nightwear, and clothes for babies and small children.


Abacus is a cooperative which sells all the stationary you can imagine, in addition to games, toys and books for both children and adults. There are 47 shops in total, with seven in Barcelona city centre. Here you will find, backpacks, pencil cases, stationary etc.

They also collaborate with several Barcelona schools by providing a platform to buy their uniforms, sports equipment and books. See the following link for the list of collaborating schools:

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on school bags, they have a fantastic range of rucksacks in lovely colours for 9,95€ called MOCHILA ABACUS.

We recommend you sign up for their membership card. It has an initial cost of 10€, but gives you a discount on everything you buy, You’ll see each item has two prices, for members and non-members.

Carrefour and Alcampo

As big hypermarkets, both these shops sell a whole range of stationary, school bags and some school clothes, including batas.

Petit Fernand

We ordered name labels last year from Petit Fernand on-line and they were great. You can choose a little picture to and also the colour of the labels. Very cute!

If you have experience of other great places to buy school supplies, please go ahead and add ideas in the comments section below!

If you have any questions regarding schooling in the Barcelona area, get in touch here.

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