What makes Maresme great #1

In this series of blog posts, I plan to indulge you with the beauty of the area of Maresme – north coast of Barcelona. It is also my home, so I can share my first hand experiences of relocating to this area.

Maresme is the county that lies to the north of Barcelona. It is a narrow strip of land, running from Barcelona to Blanes and the start of the Costa Brava, nestled between the sea and the Montnegre and Corredor mountain range to the west.


From pea festivals to 3*Michelin restaurants to world champion sailing, this small county of Maresme is a pretty interesting, and not to mention, beautiful area. It’s also fantastic for children with beaches, mountains and culture on your doorstep.

Here are four facts that you might not know about Maresme:

  • The region is home to 30 towns, 16 of which are on the coast. The capital is Mataró with a population of 126,159 (2017) 
  • Maresme has 52 kilometres of coastline, which offers 49 golden sand beaches
  • Not only was the Barcelona – Mataró train line was the first in Spain, built in 1948, but the Montgat train tunnel was also the first tunnel built in Spain
  • Maresme has its own wine denomination – Alella DO – which covers wine produced in the region – have you tried it yet?




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