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Catalan education system at a glance

A short guide to how the education system works in Catalunya.

All children are required by law to receive full time education from the age of 6 to 16, usually in school but children can be home schooled. The education system is split into cycles:

0 – 3 Pre-school/Nursery (Guardaria)

3 – 6 Infant Education (Parvulari)

6 – 12 Primary Education (Primària)

12 – 16 Secondary Education (Secundària)

16 – 18 Baccalaureate or Middle Grade Vocational Training

18 plus – University Education or Upper Grade Vocational Training

From 0 – 6, full time education is not obligatory, but it would be unusual for a child not to start school at 3 for infant education. Most children attend nursery as well, many starting at the age of 4 months when statutory maternity leave ends.

Schools in Catalunya are divided into: public schools (funded by the Catalan government); concertada (partly funded by government and partly fee paying) and private (fully fee paying).

In Catalunya, the language used in the public and “concertada” schools is Catalan. Children also learn Spanish and a modern foreign language, which is usually English. However, private schools, which include international schools, can choose the driving language, which is often English.

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